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Leverage Security

We are a team of diverse and skilled individuals with over 100 years of combined experience and competency in the security sector. This extensive expertise enables us to provide professional and bespoke services to our customers.

Having worked in various security and FM organisations over the years, we have leveraged our experience to build a comprehensive range of balanced security services. Our offerings continually evolve to meet our customer’s needs.

What sets us apart

Our customer-centric approach does not hinder us from prioritising the needs of our people. Our people are our biggest asset, and we believe that by looking after them well, they, in turn, will look after our customers and. This will enable our sustainable growth.

Commitment to community and growth

Our growth stems from our commitment to serve and protect our communities. We collectively put significant effort into making a positive difference in the daily lives of our employees and customers. We care deeply, and our business growth is a positive consequence of our core values and actions. We live and breathe by our core values every day – Excellence, Belonging and Integrity (EBI).


Our Purpose

Serving and Protecting Communities Every Day 

Our Mission

Professional and inclusive security partner of choice

Our Values

Our values are best illustrated by interchanging relation between the elements on LS triangle placing

collaborative partnership  between our employees and customers in the a very centre of it.

To find out more CLICK on each of the values.

Leverage Security Values

We work with the very best

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